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Chirality and ennantiomerism are essential subjects for understanding  our "ambidextrous" world,  where many aspects of symmetry and asymmetry are manifested. 
The on-line journal published by Molecular Chirality Research Organization  (MCRO) aims to distribute new informations relating to fundamental aspects of molecular chirality, especially to the study of asymmetry in chemistry and biology.
 News : Molecular Chirality Award is instituted by the Molecular Chirality Research Organization (MCRO) to honour distingushed scientists. The bronze statue (hand in art) was presented at the Symposium on Molecular Chirality  held in Sendai in May  1999. 
This year it will be presented at the Symposium in Chiba. 
Molecular Chirality 
Award 2018
Molecular Chirality  
Research Organization 
presents to
Prof. Kenji Monde

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